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Wood is the natural and renewable material par excellence. Ecological, biodegradable warehouse and CO2, this is the material of the future in construction for prestigious architects who have discovered its enormous possibilities by proposing constructive and decorative solutions that no other material can provide, as in the luxury chalets for sale in france. However, if its use has only environmental, constructive and economic advantages, it is, from the social point of view, an unknown material, whose use is sometimes a source of stigmatization that makes forest management difficult. which, in turn, poses many environmental problems.


Wood treatment

But it is that the wood processing and its work have evolved to the point of offering many products which no one would say they have precisely for base. Its combination with other materials and new sustainability treatments offer a new end product that can compete in previously unthinkable commercial areas. The cuperizado is a method of protection against all types of fungi and xylophagous insects. There are usually two types of wood degradation agents:

– Abiotic agents. Moisture, sunlight, sudden changes in temperature and fire.

– Biotic agents. Xylophagous insects, xylophagous fungi, marine xylophages and bacteria.


The protectors

To prevent the action of these agents, chemical protectors are used which can be divided into two classes:

– Water-soluble protectors. These are aqueous solutions of insecticides, fungicides or flame retardants. They are generally used for wood in direct contact with the ground and for fire protection in indoor woods.

– Biological Protectors They are the most commonly used in timber because they are not water soluble and their penetrating power is superior. They consist of chemicals with insecticidal, fungicidal and water-repellent properties, dissolved in petroleum products.

The cuperizado of the wood consists in giving an organic protector to this one whose chemical is the

copper naphthenate.

Copper naphthenate has high fungicidal potency due to the presence of naphthenic acid. It is used with a high concentration (20 or 25%) in the organic solution because it is very volatile. Normally, it is applied by low pressure spraying using a compressor.

Extreme protective measures must be applied during its application because it is easily flammable and toxic. Some recommendations, it must have excellent ventilation to accelerate the evaporation of the solvent, Wear cotton protective clothing without pockets, gloves, mask and goggles. Do not drink, do not smoke, do not eat at the place of application and clean the equipment and take a shower in a room other than the application.